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Spanish, spoken by more than 559 million people, is the third most used language on the Internet, surpassed only by English and Mandarin Chinese. It is the dominant language in Mercosul, an economic alliance that encompasses several Latin American countries, and is also the native language of some economic giants such as Spain and Mexico.

The geographical proximity and historical relations between Portugal and Spain make the Spanish market especially relevant for Portugal. Although many Portuguese speak and understand Spanish, professional translations require a much deeper level of competence.

At M21Global, we deal with a variety of documents, from Reports and Accounts, contracts, legal documentation, to websites and promotional materials. Given the importance of the Spanish market for sectors such as banking, insurance, tourism and gastronomy in Portugal, the demand for quality translations is constant.

In addition to translations, we also offer document authentication services, including the Hague Apostille, ensuring international recognition.

Our team is made up of native Spanish-speaking translators and proofreaders, all with academic training at renowned universities and accredited by prestigious institutions such as the Spanish Institute.

We guarantee high-quality translations at competitive prices, along with ISO 17100 Certification. Trust M21Global Translations for all your translation needs between Portuguese and Spanish.

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