Terms and Conditions

  1. M21Global Traduções applies all the means necessary to carry out a good translation and related services, such as pagination, design, DTP. The results obtained depend greatly on the customer’s responsiveness, whether they clarify any doubts that may arise in the interpretation of the texts and respond in a timely manner to the questions asked.
  2. A M21Global Traduções undertakes to keep under rigorous and strict confidentiality all information which it has or is ever likely to have knowledge of by virtue of the performance of this Contract, or before its conclusion (during the stage of negotiation and proposals), such as information, documents, contracts, partners, product descriptions, plans, “know-how”, or samples that have been provided by the Customer, to the Provider for the specific purpose of provision of translation services.
  3. M21Global Traduções will respect the customer’s own terminology and style when the customer provides a complete terminological glossary for the translation to be carried out. Failing this, the client will send similar texts available in the target language and drawings and diagrams relating to the documents to be translated. Whenever possible, M21Global Traduções will minimise prepare an appropriate glossary whenever the customer is not able to provide one.
  4. In the absence of delivery of a glossary or style manual by the Client, M21Global Translations will use the terminology and style deemed appropriate, available in recognised sources, and cannot be held responsible for the use of style or terminology different from those used by the Customer, provided that they comply with the correct spelling, grammar and syntax rules and that the terminology used is not contradicted by any competent dictionary for the translation’s subject matter, published in any medium.
  5. The deadline presented to the customer is indicative and M21Global Traduções undertakes to make its best efforts to comply with it. Compliance with this indicative deadline depends on the customer’s or its representatives’ timely response to requests for clarification on the text to be translated. It may also be extended for reasons caused by the Customer or its third-party representatives and for reasons of force majeure.
  6. The delivery of the work shall be considered complete from the moment it is sent by email, mail, fax, or courier, where M21Global Traduções will not being held liable for delays caused by companies offering these services. If the customer does not receive the translation when expected, they must inform M21Global Traduções, which will immediately arrange for it to be resent, if necessary by an alternative method.
  7. M21Global Traduções cannot be held responsible for any delays in the delivery of the work to the client caused by the Attorney General’s Office when placing the Hague Apostille on certified translations to be used abroad.
  8. The work is deemed to have been definitively accepted, in perfect condition, ten working days after the date of its delivery, if no complaint has been lodged under the terms of clauses 11 and 12.
  9. It is the Customer’s responsibility, upon accepting the delivered product, to verify that it meets its objectives, including, but not limited to, works intended for publication and/or external dissemination.
  10. M21Global Traduções will be the legitimate owner of all copyrights on the translated texts, and they may not be used, copied or reproduced in any format until the customer has accepted the translation.
  11. Any complaint about services provided by M21Global Traduções must be submitted in writing, as soon as possible, but no later than ten working days after receipt of the respective product.
  12. In order for a complaint to be valid, it must explicitly state the reasons for the lack of quality of the service provided, and the Customer must itemise the parts of the service that they consider to be lacking in quality and/or not in conformity with the contract made, presenting an alternative text deemed to be correct by the Client for each section mentioned in the complaint, which exemplifies the presumed lack of quality.
  13. All complaints will be dealt with in such a way as to deliver the work to the client under the contracted conditions.
  14. In the event of an irremediable dispute, the client may not be exempt from payment (or postpone it) for the part of the work whose claim is not valid in accordance with points 11 and 12, in due proportion.
  15. Any claim related to invoices must be submitted in writing within ten days of delivery of the invoice, otherwise it will be considered accepted by the Customer, who cannot suspend payment. In any case, the Customer is obliged to pay for the work, or the part thereof that has not been justifiably contested within the period stipulated in this contract.
  16. Interest at the applicable rate in force shall be charged on all amounts that are not paid within the deadline, pursuant to Portuguese Law.
  17. The customer will not request and M21Global Traduções will not accept cancellation of invoices based on a request to change the entity to be invoiced.
  18. In case of late payment, the parties hereby agree to establish, that M21Global Traduções may suspend ongoing works, and as a penalty clause, an increase of eight percent (8%), with a minimum of € 300.00 (three hundred euros), against the amount of the invoice overdue, where the highest amount will be applicable.
  19. In the event of any liability being attributed to M21Global Traduções, such liability will never exceed the amount invoiced.
  20. In case of dispute regarding the interpretation or performance of any of the provisions of the General Conditions herein, the jurisdiction of the District Court of Lisbon is hereby accepted, with express waiver of any other.
  21. M21Global Translation Company is the brand of the company Multilingues21 – Traduções e Edições Técnicas Multilingues, Lda., registered in Lisbon with number 507 983 815, with headquarters at Av. Infante D. Henrique, no. 333H – Esc. 15 – 1800-282 Lisboa.

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