Technical Translation: Rigour and Precision

Technical translation requires rigour, precision and in-depth knowledge in specific fields, such as medicine, engineering, IT, among others. M21Global, certified to the ISO 17100 quality standard, is the ideal partner for high-quality technical translations. Our company has experienced professionals who translate exclusively into their mother tongue, ensuring maximum fidelity and excellence in the translations carried out.

Understanding the terminology and key concepts of the areas in question is essential, as a single error in a translation of this calibre can have serious negative consequences. M21Global translators have experience in a wide range of technical areas, including the pharmaceutical industry, engineering and financial sectors, among others.

We offer a wide range of services, from the translation of instruction manuals, patents and technical proposals, to legal and financial documents. We guarantee complete confidentiality and a rigorous review process before final delivery. Our commitment to quality and meeting deadlines makes M21Global the right choice for your translation projects.

At M21Global, we are meticulous in planning and controlling every step of the translation process. From accurately understanding the content of documents to translating them and proofreading them accurately, we demonstrate our commitment to providing a high-quality service that is aligned with the specific needs of each client.

Technical translation is a complex service that requires a high degree of specialisation and care. M21Global, a leader in Portugal and certified by the ISO 17100 standard, offers excellent translation services, carried out by experienced professionals committed to quality. If you are looking for a reference partner for your translation needs, M21Global is undoubtedly the right choice.

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